2018 Scholarship Awards

By   June 20, 2018

At the June 2018 general meeting, scholarships were awarded to 8 deserving students this year. After receiving their awards, each of the students gave a speech to thank the sponsors and the civic, as well as to note their intended area of study.

Back row: Delco representative Richard Rush, President Nicholas Sarandis, Marie Dunker, 
Elaine Simonello, Neal Dubon, Perfect Pharmacy representatives Saleena & Tiffany, 
Perillo representative Lou Messaro
Front row: Adithya Ajith, Salaiha Mughal, Amina Nasari, Krista Meyers, Michael Salvo, 
Sonali Malhotra, Srishti Tyagi, Neeloy Bose

Recipients have the following plans for study upon graduation:

Name Plans Sponsor
Adithya Ajith attending SUNY Stony Brook, studying Computer Science Delco Plaza (Richard Rush)
Salaiha Mughal attending Cornell University, studying Biological Science HGCA
Amina Nasari attending SUNY Stony Brook, studying Biological Science HGCA
Krista Meyers attending SUNY Albany, studying Pre-Med & Psychology HGCA – John P. Simonello
Michael Salvo attending Police Academy, studying Political Science Mary E. Dubon
Sonali Malhotra attending SUNY Binghamton, studying Biology Perfect Pharmacy
Srishti Tyagi attending SUNY Stony Brook, studying Chemistry;

then Cornell, studying Biological Science

Perfect Pharmacy
Neeloy Bose attending Northeastern University, studying Chemical Engineering Perillo Oil

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors for their generosity and their participation.  We’d also like to extend our thanks to Marie Dunker and the rest of the Scholarship Committee for their hard work in organizing this year’s scholarship program.