What We Are Doing

We are working with the town to crack down on illegal housing within our community and we have the department of Code
Enforcement working with us to deal with everyday quality of life issues which affect our property values.

We have volunteers who are have attended C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) training courses to better prepare our
community in case of an emergency.  This is an ongoing project.

We constantly strive to help beautify our community.  Our efforts include the following:

  • We maintain the landscaping at the Lee Avenue Triangle and the South Broadway Triangle.
  • We are involved in spring and fall clean-up projects in the community.
  • We have petitioned the State to plant on the South Broadway median.

We have a committee working with Senator Charles Schumer and Cablevision to diminish helicopter noise in the community.

We are actively monitoring and reviewing community projects.  Some of these include the following:

  • Bagga Property (formerly TJ Courtney’s)  –  We are working to ensure that the future development of this property is
    something suitable to the community.
  • Downtown Hicksville Revitalization Plan  –  We have members who are part of the planning committee for the revitalization of
    the downtown Hicksville area.
  • Calpine Power Plant (on So. Broadway across from Lowe’s)  –  We are working with the EPA to analyze the air quality of the
    “plume” or mist that is produced in that area during the cooling process.
  • Hooker Chemical/Ruco Polymer Site  (on New South Road)  –  We are working with the Federal EPA, the State DEC and the
    Hicksville Water District to monitor the clean-up process currently underway.