What We Have Done

We rallied in numbers to protest and voice our objections against the establishment of a motel on South Broadway & Gerald Avenue (Bagga Property).

We created, and now maintain, an “Adopt-A-Spot” at the corner of Broadway and Lee Avenue.

We had the “Welcome To Hicksville” sign on South Broadway moved north to the triangle at South Oyster Bay Road and in a joint effort with Lowe’s we were able to beautify the site.  The HGCA now maintains it as well.

We established an Oil Consortium to secure better capped oil prices with a FREE service contract.

We prevented the Bauman Bus Corporation from moving into our neighborhood and building a bus depot first proposed on the corner of Bloomingdale & South Broadway and later proposed on New South Road just north east of the LIRR tracks.

We worked with the NYS to reconstruct the median on So. Broadway between Gerald Avenue and Somerset Avenue.  This resulted in a more attractive landscaped median and eliminated the previous eyesore.

We worked with former Assemblyman Rob Walker to plant trees along the South Broadway median.

We were involved in the development of the following community projects:

  • South Broadway Plaza (formerly Avnit Plaza)  –  We brought attention to the variances from the Town Code during construction to ensure development within the Town Code.
  • Lowe’s  –  We worked to prohibit the use of Bloomingdale Road and Willis Court as their primary route of access for deliveries.  This helped to preserve the residential area along those roadways.
  • Miyako Hibachi & Sushi Bar  –  We monitored the development of the exhaust system so that it would not adversely affect local homeowners.
  • Taco Bell  –  We worked closely with the owner of Delco Plaza to ensure a beautiful and safe atmosphere for the new location.  The waste disposal system is “state of the art” thanks to Yum Brands, Inc. (owners of Taco Bell).
  • CVS Pharmacies (South Oyster Bay Road & Stewart Avenue and 399 Jerusalem Avenue)  –  Presented restrictive covenants to the town to ensure the development was “residential friendly”.

We have done all this, and more, as a community of resident homeowners who care, who wish to leave our neighborhood a little bit better than we found it, and, to establish a community of which we can all be proud to call home!