President’s Message

Greetings, and welcome to the home of the Hicksville Gardens Civic Association!

I personally invite you and your family to join the Hicksville Gardens Civic Association.  It can be a challenge for each of us to have a voice where we are looking to make a difference.  As members of our civic, we all gain the strength of the community to amplify our collective voice, allowing us to improve our quality of life and address specific issues that may be interfering with it, both with our elected officials and with law enforcement.  I welcome you to become a volunteer member with our civic, and give back to our community in a meaningful way.

We can all participate by talking to our neighbors and fellow resident homeowners to help the organization increase its membership base. We can go out and take photos of what we enjoy and are proud of within our community, and also take photos of items which need to be addressed. We can participate in the monthly meetings and, most importantly, we can go to the polls every November and vote for whom we believe will do the best job regardless of what party they may belong to.

To become a Regular Member, verify that you live in our area of representation as noted in our About Us page, and then join online via our Membership Application. If you live outside our area of representation you may still join us as an Associate Member. Associate Members are entitled to all of the benefits of a Regular Member with the exception of casting a vote in our general election and on civic matters presented to the membership. For those with oil heat, there is the opportunity to participate in our Oil Consortium, which offers significant discounts off the market rate.

If you’re contemplating membership but are unclear of all the benefits it offers, I encourage you to read over the full list to understand why you should strongly consider joining.

I thank you in advance not only for your interest in the HGCA, but also in our home town of Hicksville.

Adam Firester
Hicksville Gardens Civic Association