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Printers Donated to Lee Ave School

By   January 25, 2021

Through the generous donation of one of our members, Tom McGovern, the Community Service Committee has donated 4 printers to Lee Avenue School to supplement their IT capabilities.

Thank you to committee chairs Nick and Chris Mirro for their ongoing efforts to encourage smiles and giving in the community.

Meet the Candidates 2019

By   October 20, 2019
From left: Melissa McCardle, Erin Guida, James Altadonna, Ned Newhouse, and George Higwell
NOTE: Our October General Meeting had guest speakers who will be on the November ballot for positions in the Town of Oyster Bay.
Hicksville Gardens Civic Association DOES NOT endorse any particular candidate for office. We, as a local civic association, present candidates with a forum to share their ideas and to answer questions from the Hicksville community. The statements made by the candidates and presented in these forums are the candidates’ own and not an endorsement by us.  

Invitations to attend our Meet-the-Candidates forum were extended to both the Republican and Democratic Town of Oyster Bay Election Committees. The Republicans responded that their candidates could not attend due to previous commitments, and asked if there was an alternative date for them to attend. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure our venue for another date as there were other events already scheduled.

Here are the candidates for Town of Oyster Bay

James Altadonna
Joseph Saladino
Town Clerk
Rachel Klein
Rich LaMarca
Receiver of Taxes
George Higwell
Jeff Pravato
Council Members
Erin Guida
Steve Labriola
Melissa McCardle
Laura Maier
Ned Newhouse
Vicki Walsh

Information on all candidates is readily available on the internet, and we encourage everyone to seek out this information to be an informed electorate.

This year, any registered voter in Nassau County may vote during the times listed EXCEPT on Nov. 5th. On Election Day, Nov. 5th go to your regular polling place

Local Early Voting Location:  Levittown Hall, 201 Levittown Parkway

 Hours:  Sat. Oct. 26th     10am to 3pm
            Sun. Oct. 27th    10am to 3pm
               Mon. Oct. 28th   10am to 7pm
               Tue Oct. 29th     10am to 7pm
               Wed Oct. 30th   6am to 7pm
                Thu Oct. 31st   10am to 7pm
                Fri Nov. 1st        6am to 7pm
                Sat Nov. 2nd     10am to 3pm
                Sun Nov. 3rd     10am to 3pm

Hearing on 5-Yr County Development Plan set for May 5th

By   April 23, 2015

The Nassau County Office of Community development has informed us of a hearing scheduled for May 5th that will cover the County’s Consolidated 5-year plan covering housing and community development needs along with a Strategic Plan for addressing those needs during the upcoming five-year period (FFY2015-2019). They are looking for input from all civics across the county.

More details regarding the hearing may be found in the letter issued to the HGCA.  If you are interested in attending, let us know.

Marie Dunker presented Women of Distinction award

By   March 30, 2015

On March 24th, the HGCA’s very own Marie Dunker was awarded the TOB’s Women of Distinction award for her volunteer work.  As many of you know, Marie is quite involved in the community, both with the HGCA as well as other organizations.

Marie received her award in a ceremony at the TOB, along with the recipients in other categories.  Look for her plaque that now hangs at the TOB Town Hall the next time you visit.

Congratulations, Marie!

Left Turn Signal Installed

By   October 1, 2013

S. Broadway at Somerset Ave & Lewis St

In response to a request by the Hicksville Gardens Civic Association the NYS Department of Transportation
re-designed the traffic signal control located on S. Broadway (Route 107) at Somerset Ave and Lewis St.

Left turn and pedestrian crossing signals with countdown timers were installed at the marked
crosswalks making this a much safer intersection for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


Track Repairs – New South Road

By   August 31, 2013

Traffic is running much smoother along New South Road at the LIRR crossing since the tracks were recently repaired and the roadway was regraded.

Thanks to Executive Board member John Simonello for coordinating this project with the LIRR and the Town of Oyster Bay.


Proposed Development – 425 Jerusalem Avenue

By   May 12, 2012

The HGCA has been contacted by a law firm representing a developer with plans to sub-divide the existing dry cleaners located at 425 Jerusalem Avenue into a dry cleaners and nail salon.

A survey of the Block Captains in that area revealed that they did not see any negative impact resulting from the development and that position has been transmitted to the law firm.

Do Not Block Side Road Sign

By   October 12, 2011

South Broadway & Millwood Gate

millwoodgate_webIn response to requests by the Hicksville Gardens Civic Association and the Hicksville Fire Department the state recently painted a white box at South Block Side Road”.

A “spill back” situation was occuring at the intersection with vehicles blocking access and egress from Millwood Gate.  This was caused partially by the recent signal lights installed at the “5 Corners” intersection.  This not only caused a blockage at the location but also created a safety hazard by delaying the response time by local volunteer firefighters.